stainless steel actuator brackets quick release pin

Electric Hatch Actuator

Lifts twice as fast and has twice the power of other actuators. They are a cleaner and more cost-effective alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic models. Electric Hatch Actuators provide consistent performance throughout their lifetime.

  • Safe working load limit of 400 lbs.
  • Heavy duty, sealed ball bearing motor allows for locking of hatches, won’t open at high speeds
  • Marine grade stainless steel housing
  • 12 VDC
Description Closed Open Part #
4" throw 10.32" 14.32" SSA4
8" throw 14.32" 22.32" SSA8
12" throw 18.32" 30.32" SSA12
16" throw 22.32" 38.32" SSA16
18" throw 24.32" 42.32" SSA18
24" throw 30.32" 54.32" SSA24
mounting kit HAMK
bracket HAB
adjustable bracket HABT
quick release pin HAQRP

Hatch Actuator Remote

hatch actuator remote
  • Specifically designed for hatch lifting
  • Can be used on most hatch motors, electric or hydraulic
  • Receiver module can be mounted under the dash, wired to the hatch switch or directly to the motor while keeping the manual switch functional
  • Isolated channels prevent damage to the hatch motor
  • Opens hatches from 300 feet away
  • Use on boats with 2 separate hatches (relay kit needed)
  • Kit includes: 1 receiver, 2 white remotes
  • Part Number: WHAR


Konrad I/O

7.8" stroke
Part Number: AKD

Bennett Trim Tab Kit
  • Water tight seal, stainless steel & aluminum composite
  • Attaches to Bennett trim tab with 33 c series cables
  • Bellows make for a water tight seal
  • Part Number: TTB
Mercury Trim Tab Kit
  • use to attach 33C Series cable to your K-plane
  • 7 1/2" long
Description Part Number
11/04 or earlier 2" anidode TTME
12/04 or later, 5" anidode TTML
Mercury OB w/ Remote Trim Pump
  • For 2.5 HP V6
  • 1985-2006 models
  • 20" or 25" mid section
  • Port- Part Number: AMOBRPP
  • Starboard- Part Number: AMOBRPS
Mercury Verado
Mercury Verado

Part Number: AMOBV

Mercury NXT1

port or starboard
Part Number: AMNXT

Mercury Bravo & XR
Mercury Bravo and Xr
  • No springs to fail, stainless steel
  • Standard kit has trim sender on starboard side of gimbal
  • High performance kit does not have trim sender
Description Part Number
Standard Kit
port AMBP
starboard AMBS
High Performance
starboard AMBHPS
Mercury TRS
  • Early Model
  • original trim cylinder, late 60’s, no internal tube
  • # 3 drives used on original TRS units,
    now HI-performance #4 & #5 drives
  • Part Number: AMTRSE
  • Late Model
  • Trim for ‘78 cylinder
  • Has external oil pressure return tube running length of cylinder
  • Part Number: AMTRSL
Mercury OB w/ Built In Trim Pump
  • V6 1985-2008 models
  • 20" or 25" mid section
  • Port : N/A
  • Starboard- Part Number: AMOBS

Mercury OB w/ Short Shaft
  • 15" midsection
  • For 2.4 and 2.4 offshore
  • Port only
  • Part Number: AMOBSP

Mercury Bravo Drive

Part Number: AMBD

33 C Series Cables
33C cables
  • Sold in two foot increments
  • Sizes range from 10 feet to 38 feet
  • Use with Livorsi controls or mechanical indicators
  • Stainless steel core
  • Chrome plated brass
  • 3 ¼ throw, Thread size 10x32
  • Part Number: CA + size


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