AutoCal Senders
Fuel or Water Level

programmable fuel level sender

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Fuel/Water Level Senders

SFW Sender

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Other Senders

Water Temperature
Description Part Number
100-280° F 1/8" thread GSWT1/8
100-240° F 3/8" thread GSWT1/8, BU3/8
100-240° F 1/2" thread GSWT1/8, BU1/8
100-240° F Dual station GSWTD1/8
Isolated ground GSWT1/8I


When installing the sender for your gauge onto the engine, do NOT use any sealant on the threads ( i.e. teflon tape, pipe dope, RTV, etc.). Doing so will prevent the sender from making clean contact with the engine, which will result in either faulty or no operation of the gauge. The senders have a tapered pipe thread to create a seal preventing leakage. This tapered pipe thread also completes the ground to the engine required for proper gauge operation.

More Senders
Boost GSB60
Bushing Kit
fittings- 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
Fuel Pressure
0-60 PSI/ 0-90 PSI
Fuel & Water Pressure
0-15 PSI
Oil Pressure 0-80 PSI GSOP80
Oil Pressure
0-80 PSI Dual Station
Oil Pressure 0-100 PSI GSOP
Oil Temperature
100-320° F,
also used for
Water Temperature 100-250° F
Pressure 400 PSI GSP400
Sender Isolator SI

ATL Fuel Cells, the World’s largest manufacturer of racing fuel bladders, recommends and installs the Livorsi level gauge systems for all marine applications. These level sensing capacitance-probes have no moving parts and work accurately with diesel, gasoline and E10 bioethanol race fuels.

ATL Fuel Cell with Livorsi sender
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