Vantage View

Vantage View Gauges

Master Tachometer

Vantage View Tachometer

The master tachometer features an analog RPM readout with a built-in LCD screen that displays all the information your engine's ECM provides. Each engine requires its own tachometer.

Each master tach LCD displays up to 10 engine functions such as water temp, oil press, GPH, etc. Program your favorites, set alarms and pop up alerts with the master tach.

Parameters and Analog Inputs


Vantage View Speedometers

Vantage View® reads both CAN (NMEA 2000® and SAE J1939) and serial (NMEA0183) based speed inputs.

Four Function Gauge

Vantage View Four Function Gauge

The 4-in-1 gauge saves you dash space by combining 4 essential functions into one 5" gauge: oil pressure, water temperature, volts and fuel level.

Available in a 3-3/8" and a 4-5/8" cut out

Fault Warning Gauge

Vantage View Fault Warning Gauge

The FWA gauge (fault-warning-alarm) provides the users with a MIL, PIL alarm and an audible alarm output with a mute option.

The FWA gauge receives Faults and Warnings from Cummins Diesel engines, when a Diesel View display is not present. FWA gauge will work on all engine protocols except for Mercury gas SmartCraft® engines.

FWA Gauge Installation

Other Gauges

  • Master Tachometer
  • Speedometer
  • Boost
  • Fuel Level 1
  • Fuel Level 2 (SmartCraft® only)
  • Four Function gauge:
    -fuel level
    -oil pressure
    -water temperature
    - volts
  • Oil Level 1
  • Oil Level 2 (SmartCraft® only)
  • Oil Pressure 80 PSI
  • Oil Temperature 280 F
  • Trim Drive Port
  • Trim Drive Starboard
  • Voltmeter 10-16V
  • Water Pressure 30 PSI
  • Water Pressure 60 PSI
  • Water Temperature (coolant)

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