Control Accessories

33 C Series Cables

  • Cables used to link the control
    to the engine
  • Sold in two foot increments
  • Use with controls or mechanical indicators
  • Stainless steel core,
    chrome plated brass
  • 3 1/4" throw
  • 10x32 thread size
  • Sizes range from 10 feet to 38 feet
33 C Series Cable
Description Part Number
10 feet CA10
12 feet CA12
14 feet CA14
16 feet CA16
18 feet CA18
20 feet CA20
22 feet CA22
24 feet CA24
26 feet CA26
28 feet CA28
30 feet CA30
32 feet CA32
34 feet CA34
36 feet CA36
38 feet CA38

Cable Adapter Kits

One kit is needed for one throttle and one shift.

Description Part #
Mercury OB- 1 shift/1 throttle CCKOBM
Mercury I/O- 1 shift/1 throttle CCKIO
OMC OB- 1 shift/1 throttle
(Johnson / Evinrude Outboard)
Cable Connection Kit- included at N/C with control order CCK30

CCKOBM shown here

Neutral Safety Switch

Allows you to start engine, only when in neutral. One Needed for each shift.

Included at no charge with your control order.

Part # NSS

Neutral Safety Switch


Trim Switches

Replacement switches for Standard, Billet or ETS Controls

Description Part #
single no wires TSSO
single w/ wires TSSW
single w/ wires & plate TSSWP + color
single / wires, plate & back plate TSSWPB + color
dual w/ wires & plate TSDWP + color
dual w/ wires, plate & back plate TSDWPB + color
Trim Switches wired and w/ Plate

Triple Trim Switch

  • Adds 3 switches to your controls
  • Trim multiple drives & tabs
  • For left or right handed applications
  • Made of billet aluminum
  • Fits Standard or Billet controls
Part #
TTS + color
Triple Trim switch in blue shown installed Triple Trim Switch

Diodes and Diode Kits

  • 3 amp
  • 1000V
Description Part #
Diode Kit- twin engine, four piece DK
Diode Plug-in harness - twin DKH2
Diode Plug-in harness - triple DKH3


Throttle Bezels

  • Measures 8 1/4 long
  • Width varies depending on the # of handles
  • Sold separately from controls
Description Part Number
2 handle TB2 + color
3 handle
one week lead time
TB3 + color
4 handle TB4 + color
6 handle TB6 + color
Throttle Bezel Colors

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