Depth Sounders

Helpful Tips

A depth finder will never work on a trailer as it must be in the water. The transducer cannot be installed next to stringers, bulkheads or center line of boat and it must shoot thru the thinnest part of the boat without coring. An older boat layup may have bubbles in the fiberglass. When shooting thru fiberglass you can lose up to 50% of the signal depending on how thick it is. If the fiberglass is not flat when epoxying the transducer in - there could be an air pocket between the puck and fiberglass.

Some things to check before mounting the transducer:
  • Make sure the transducer is ticking when power is turned on. This ensures that it is working. Power on Ticking good, transducer works good outside of boat. OK
  • Make sure bottom of boat is flat before gluing the puck to the boat. Choose a smooth, flat area prepped next to old transducer.
  • If unsure of location, put transducer in zip lock, fill with water and duct tape to bottom of boat and try. Different location will yield different results.
  • Many bottoms will only get reading at idle if transducer is located where aeration takes place. Try areas around the original transducer.

Livorsi Depth Finders

Depth Sounders 1 7/8" cutout
  • 1 7/8" cutout, 2 1/2" overall
  • Green backlighting
  • 11-14 Vdc
  • Readout: min-2.5 ft, max 200 ft
  • Red LED and blinking LCD icons for alarms
  • Transducers have a 30 foot lead

Depth Sounder Kits include:

  • gauge
  • transducer
  • mounting bracket

Transom Mount Transducer


Shoot Thru

color options
Gauge only- Depth
Description Part Number
gauge only DFG + dial & rim color
kit- transom mount or shoot thru DFGKTR
Transducers- Depth Only
Description Part Number
transom mount or shoot thru TTR

Depth Sounders HD

livorsi depth finder HDF
Description Part Number
Depth Gauge Kit Transom HDFKTR + dial & rim color
Depth Gauge Kit Shoot Thru HDFKST + dial & rim color


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