Sound Elimination Mufflers

Sound Elimination Mufflers
  • Clamp on or transom mount
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Polish finish
  • Easy installation on any system from 4 to 5 inches in diameter
  • Can be used with supercharged engines up to 700 HP

CMI mufflers and exhaust tips help reduce noise levels with little to no horsepower loss!

State of the art Sound Elimination Mufflers diminish decibel levels below the strictest regulations, results may vary but most experience drops as low as 86 decibels (dB). These mufflers were engineered to reduce volume without creating any backpressure to rob the engine’s horsepower.

Description Part Number
Clamp On High Performance
4" x 5" under 600 HP SEMSCHP4
4.5" X 5" under 600 HP SEMSCHP4.5
4" X 6" over 600 HP SEMSCHP4.6
4.5" X 6" over 600 HP SEMSCHP4.5X6
5" X 6" all HP SEMSCHP5X6
Transom Mount High Performance
4" under 600 HP SEMSTHP4

Dual Flapper Exhaust Tip

Dual Flap Exhaust Tip
Dual Flap Exhaust Tip

Diverts exhaust downward to the water keeping the transom clean & reducing sound levels ranging from idle to top RPM

  • Constructed of stainless steel alloy
  • Does not rattle
  • Fully serviceable- can be rebuilt with a rebuild kit
  • Salisbury flapper wont burn, curl or melt
Part Number ET4DF


Description Part Number
Pneumatic cylinder
Air Hose- sold by the foot
1/4" OD
1/8" brass elbow BE1/8
1/8" brass T BT1/8
nut & compression fittings
for elbows & T


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