pyrometers color options

Pyrometers 1600

*****OBSOLETE - WHILES SUPPLIES LAST***** A pyrometer is an exhaust temperature gauge that reads an immediate change in exhaust temp. It receives a signal from the probe (thermocouple) that is inserted in the exhaust manifold.

This gauge detects over heating and is the easiest way to determine a lean or rich fuel mix.

  • Kit includes:
  • Gauge
  • 25 feet of wire
  • Probe
  • Bracket
  • light

Description Part Number
pyrometer only GMPY + color
pyrometer kit GMPYK + color
standard 1/8" NPT probe PYP1/8
1/4" NPT probe PYP1/4
pyro bolt 1/8" PYB1/8
ultra thin probe assembly PYPU
ultra thin hose clamp probe PYPHC
ultra thin bolt UTB
thermocoupling wire
sold by the foot


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