Trim Panels

Trim Panel Unwired

Trim Panel - Unwired

Four things you will need to know when ordering your mechanical indicator:
  • How many slots or positions do you want to monitor? - how many drives, tabs, etc.
  • Is it a Livorsi, Mercury Actuator or a #6 drive? - The actuator used will determine the layout of the card
  • Where will the cables enter the indicator? - Bottom is standard, but it can be top or horizontal (port or starboard)
  • What length of 33 series cable do you need? - Measure the actual route the cable will take. Cables come in 2 ft increments, from 10 ft to 36 ft
  • Wired trim panels are no longer available
color options Switch color options

Panels are not available in chrome.

When ordering please specify panel color and switch cover colors.

Trim Panels - Unwired
Description Part Number
1 drive, 2 tabs UTP1D2T + panel color
2 drives UTP2D
2 drives, override UTP2DO
3 drives UTP3D
2 tabs UTP2T
2 tabs, override UTP2TO


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